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DANPAL is a company with over 50 years’ experience, in the production of advanced thermoplastic polymers, for various real-world applications. Established in 1966, DANPAL has developed cutting edge processes in the development of thermoplastics, for use within the agricultural, construction and architectural industries.


We confirm to the highest manufacturing standards, with our processes achieving ISO 90001 and 14001 standards. This translates directly, to our products providing consistency, necessary for the reliable implementation of our products. DANPAL has taken this concept a step further and recognizing the importance of safeguarding our environment, we have implemented environmental management systems compliant with the ISO 14001:2004 standard. 


Over the past 50 plus years, we have developed successful distribution via official partners, in over 60 countries worldwide. We have the ability to ship our products by air or by sea, within short turnaround periods, meaning you get your order in record time. Our products are developed and designed, with best practice in mind, and guaranteed by our team of DANPAL engineers for your piece of mind.


DANPAL is continuously involved in the research and development, of innovative ways to utilize thermoplastic polymers, to improve the lives our customers around the world. We have heard the call, and recognised the urgent need to turn our significant resources, toward providing solutions for the current health emergency crises.


Our latest innovation, is the development of a lightweight PET thermoplastic polymer face shield, effective for the protection against hazardous exposure. With a global shortage of safe, reliable, effective P.P.E, our DANPAL Face Shield is a critical component in the fight to flatten the curve. Our product is lightweight, easily transportable, simple to assemble, 100% recyclable and can be disinfected via regular chemical treatment.   


DANPAL has joined the fight and reconfigured our efforts, to bring this highly effective product to the market, in record time. Our expertise in the world of thermoplastic manufacturing and global distribution, are now focused on protecting the health of essential workers, who are on the frontlines protecting us.